About Us

About UsChoosing the right caterer is highly important when you’re planning a party or event, as you need to know that they are dependable, capable, and flexible. Hog Roast Warwick is all of this and much more, as we care about our customers and their needs and want to do a great job every single time. Our aim is simple – to provide great food at a great price and with great service to boot and our repeat custom and recommendations show that we consistently achieve this. We believe in fresh, high-quality ingredients, so that your food tastes amazing and that includes locally-sourced meat from trusted farmers and butchers and you’ll see that our food looks just as good as it tastes. Whatever your event type, budget, or number of guests invited, we will work with you to create the food that you want served on the day.


When it comes to providing variety for our customers, we love to exceed expectations. You may know us as premier hog roasters but we can also spit-roast animals or birds for About Usyour event, barbecue sausages and burgers or create several courses of fancy food. We know that tastes vary and special diets need to be taken into consideration, so we have plenty of options for you to choose from or you can mix and match to tailor your own menu. Hog Roast Warwick is always flexible about this because we know that wants and needs can be very different from one event to the next and we want everyone to be able to eat our food, regardless of taste or diet. If you have any vegetarian or vegan guests, we can make veggie kebabs, stuffed mushrooms or peppers or a quiche, for example. Gluten-free guests can easily eat our scrumptious pigs in buns if we know in advance, as we can provide suitable bread rolls (all the other ingredients are already suitable). Let us help you to create the menu that you want to serve to your guests.


While we can provide much more than meets the eye, Hog Roast Warwick is known for its hog roasts and not just because of our name. After lovingly preparing the meat and keeping watch over it for hours, we let it rest before carving away. Once you’ve had a taste, you’ll be hooked!